The works produced in the years 1993 – 1994 were the first to be produced by ) + ( = aO.

Dedication to Frogs 1 _ the first of the two versions of this work was the “maiden voyage” of the lifelong collaboration of ) uMR + ( ajFM . It featured a baroque set made up of wooden cutout animals, trees and clouds (modelled from the drawings of Rembrandt) and a variation of the theme of the shell chariots of Venus, hand made wooden scooters with cut out shells mounted on them.

Styx_L’Orfeo (the second iteration of Ursula Mawson-Raffalts signature work) featured, for the first time, the lightwork of Anthony Mawson built on that which was already extant from the earlier performances which were conceived and organised solely by Ursula Mawson-Raffalt

Dawn and Negev (two variations on a project that was conceived out in the Negev Desert in Israel at dawn and was then trans-located into the studio at Mitzpe Ramon where we were based whilst there)

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