variation 1
start procedure on a long day at the end of a day on a Monday
step A and step C step B step D enclose CBA and again – finish

variation 2
same procedure on a long day at the end of a day on Tuesday
step close A sternum and step open chest C step B step D enclose CBA and again – finish

variation 3
same procedure on a long day at the end of a day on Wednesday
step A close sternum close tighter and step back open C open wider chest C step B enclosure CBA and again and again. I stare   then focus   then open  and close   and open wider. I stare again and focus then close and open and close tighter then high then low then round me I close and open and again and again and again – finish

variation 4Thursday
step A and step C step B convex sky enclose CBA step A and step C step B convex concave CBA the grass is green the birds are singing the sky is blue – finish

variation 5
same procedure at the long end of a day on friday
step A closed black sternum jumps and squeezes step C red open chest drags and pulls whilest black and blacker than the pitchblack blackness step D enclose CBA re-embraces holy shrines A look back forced mercilessly by the power of faith withheld gone to ground beneath the sea as long as domdaniel is living inside me – finish

variation 6
same procedure at the end of a very long day on saturday
step close A close tighter A sternum and step C red wide open chest step B drag D whilest pushshshshsh d’dom pushshsh d’dom pushshsh d’dom pushshshsh d’dom shshsh d’dom breathe finish

variation 7
same procedure at the very end of a day of a long day on sunday
step northeast in A and step southwest in C step northwest B step D southeast enclose point south southwest west northwest close northeast and open southwest look northwest close tighter northeast drops open wider southwest turn west southwest south honey touch breath step southeast chest pain water step northeast in spring and summer comes along step southwest autumn step northwest winter step southeast I ever dreamt of I never said I ever felt for I never failed I ever wanted I never denied I ever believed I never ignored I ever meant I never got I never regretted I ever loved I never forgot – finish

variation 8
end same procedure leave old days behind step A and step C autumn step B convex D enclose CBA my colour bleeds right now a turquoise blue step northeast and with the coming of the sun it all goes green orange blood red the setting sun recurs like death and with the rising of the sun I acquire its flesh with all its mighty guilt nowhere to stand amongst the graves nowhere I can be to rest on colour grey – finished procedure.

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