90 Minutes Silence plus Activity _ A Performative Lecture Demonstration

Whilst presenting “Triptych_It is Time that Prints on Wax” at the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu in Transylvania, Romania we met up with John Freeman, a writer and (at that time) Theatre Science Professor at Brunel University. Through this meeting we were able to build a dialogue with the MA Theatre department of the University and were invited to make a lecture demonstration there.

) uMR commenced with the construction of a framework of readings and choreographic links whilst ( ajFM, constructed a ground comprising video, light and sound for a work in which we, for the first time, were together on stage reading texts and fulfilling choreographic tasks whilst ) uMR also performed interludes of dance and text performance.

We both trained using “The Focus Point Technique_) uMR” for about three months prior to the first presentation which was a remarkable and rewarding experience which we could luckily repeat at Dance 4 in Nottingham and at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

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