vitreous body I
Thus, the man turned round and bursts.
No forgiveness- just an order.
I can’t chant the virtual nightingale forever,
although the wings were broken
laying in the garden.
I must say forever :
‚between the dates of Alcatraz‘

vitreous body II
If dust cannot reveal
the darkness shimmer,
Two Ancient arrows seeking through
to force the Nightingale to bloom.

Deep in Darkness appears
an Evening Star,
holding blindly,
for Nightingale to fall.

Arrows pointing at wing to wing
so she flew from line to line
her cross and echoes,
never ending still.

It makes me laugh,
The something I was searching for,
alone in circles, ever standing still.

vitreous body III
This is a monday.
All simple lines of Geometry, dusted.
Old dust.
None- not one corner of the fence,
where this house has been built.
Split the Distorting Mirror!
…Standing in between
…Strangled by a robe
Escape the Heat!
Too late to be early,
Too early to be late.
Something, struck by sobbing,
and lost the function
of Geometry.

vitreous body IV
Seven years of Silence.
The first suffocating sufferance
Onto Suffix Moon.
A suffocated wondering
Into the double pile velvet
On The Pilgrimage of Silence.

Touching Columbus
Under my hundred percent wool blanket,
seeing the pinched face,
hearing the elegy of impotence
…I got told about Piracy.

vitreous body V
Hearing your talk
It should explain some,
some body’s soul.
I can hear the depth,
are all these layers
sinking through, so astonishing true.
Dug with metal,
through all metallic exits-
Poor Drizzly Heart!
It can’t be our dross.

vitreous body VI
In clouds of air
it does not matter…
She cannot open all those windows
though the clouds would drag her into air.
she would have secret numbers,
held tight and kept with love –
Dear voices tell her:
The ship was never stranded
but never reached the shore!

vitreous body VII
Illuminate Moon
By mourning loads
Drifts Worlds apart

Feed a God’s Child on anything
Am here I, Mourning full
Am I
Suffocated sufferance Into moonsglade
Me, Understanding, Go home
Moon shines, Country soul Too
To Moon climbs, Hidden away
I Placing Home
To cry Too
Moon-eyed amidst recovered facing.

vitreous body VIII
Simply In Time
I was Space
Without Stopping The flow
It fused To Composition
With Time
In time With More time
To A point It speaks
Although It does not Exist
Behind glass
With Time
With More Time
I Do admit
That Time on a clock
Has No chance To survive
In flux
Orientation awoke hastily In me.

vitreous body IX
So far Ahead
The welling belly
Asks for the darkroom‘s hire

Are all the nasty plottings
Inscribed as stars
So far from real

I want To be
Who I am
If the I
That I am
Is not allowed!

vitreous body X
Two walls staring
At each other
It echoes back
Two walls talking
To each other
Grafitti stays
Without a Third
Or Fourth
Breathe all memories
Of an ancient Place
Two walls
One ceiling
One floor
Reveal A corner
Or Another place To hide.

vitreous body XI
What colour has the spring?
One stumbling leg
One fountain
Among skyscrapers
Towards the airport
The big bird Has hurt His wing
By man‘s Gigantic nation

vitreous body XII
The power of Changing colour At will
A change of Form and structure
…Walked onto
Set north
At one time Devastated land
Refused to compromise
Imprinted marks
Cut out with a die
Crushed to powder
Crumbled away
Not to remain
Without moving Forward
Looking round
A Standstill happened
For Stones
Stone by stone
Stone over stone
Stones All over stones
Concave above and Convex below
All Laying wasted and
Hopelessly devoted To :
Metamorphosis In nowhere`s land
Metachrosis of our time.

vitreous body XIII
And add an A
It speaks of L
L May Be
Will Never Leave
Do meet A Stone Alone
Do walk From A to Z
Both Do laugh
How hearts Do shake
I´ll never comprehend
How stones Do murmur
Ripples Into streams Of water.

vitreous body XIV
No more Going home
Saying daddy say motherless
No more Going home
Saying Daddy say motherless
No more

No more Coming home
Saying Daddy Say motherless
Ever again
Farther out

Farther gone
Never again
Mother Earth
Restricted by Constructed brains
Going home
Daddy say motherless
Father say motherless.

vitreous body XV
I feel
You are a Crying Silent Stone
Who does not want.
Pick me up and help me to survive-
I need the spirit to create.

I am
Just a Silent Crying Stone
And do not want
Neither or, nor both.

Me, my stone and the stones beside
Will fall
That heaven cries
The Song of No Such Thing.

Does Heaven , Earth and All Such Things
Hear us ,
Listen to Two Drops sinking-
Drying out.

So that
Only bricks on Earth
The Death
Of these Two Stones.

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