Dedication to Frogs
„ I make my urgent call for sympathy,
my personal attraction to frogs,
my d e d i c a t i o n t o f r o g s .“

I scream for you
I scream for you
Little cute death, cute little death
Hugging your bones
Dustashes in my mouth

Cute little taboo
I wanted you
How can you look into my face
Shame on you
Your cruelty.

Looking up…
Looking up
Between the smell of rape
Between the sound of buzzing
and honey.
Looking up to the obelisk
The head of the first arrow sticks between my ribs
and still, the curve in the soil does something to me.
I raise the big pendulum towards the obelisk, pointing
South West, East west, North West, North East, North West, West.

Drops, Honey, Touch, Chestpain, Water,
Did you ever see a frog jumping into the water?

I dont care about the ship
I don’t care about the other ship
I care about………….

My Home…

My home is my room
My home is a room of blue dusk light
My home is a flower in my room
My room is a hospital room
My home is Wolfsberg
My home is Arnhem
My home is Sandwirtgasse 2/10
My home is Ramperstorffergasse
My home is Kalvariengasse 46
My home is Hofmühlgasse
My home is Utrechtseweg 86
My home is Kerkstraat
My home is Nijhoffstraat 42
My home is Millefontes
My home is verona
My home is Mantova
My home is Vossiusstraat
My home is 13th Street Avenue B
My home is Suffolk Street
My home is Greenwich Village
My home is the studio
My home is my dream
My home is my mirror
My home is Téte å téte
My home is Oskola
My home is STYX
My home is my 100% wool blanket
My home is thousands of lit candles
My home is the sunlight
My home is the sea
My home is gone
My home is here
My home is a big atelier there
My home is my menstruation
My home is a big sunflower field
My home is not at home
My home is ‘going’ home
My home is ‘leaving’ home
My home is a train
My home is one minute
My home is Purcell
My home is 5 o’clock dawn time
My home is a ‘going to’
My home is ‘stop’
My home is ‘non-stop’
My home is ‘death’
My home is breathing on the wall….

Louis XIV. Le Roi du Soleil
Liberté, ´Égalité, Fraternité.
“I am fighting for no Rules”
Said the king to his daughter.

Heinrich, der Wagen bricht…

“, Jüngste,
mach mir auf,
weißt du nicht, was Gestern
du zu mir gesagt
bei dem kühlen Brunnenwasser?
Königstochter, Jüngste,
mach mir auf,.”

“Heinrich, der Wagen bricht.”
“Nein Herr, der Wagen nicht,
es ist das Band von meinem Herzen,
das da lag in großen Schmerzen,
Als Ihr in dem Brunnen saßt,
als Ihr eine Fretsche wast.”

aus „der Froschkönig oder der Treue Heinrich“, Gebrüder Grimm.

Einmal im Mai,
Einmal im Juni,
Einmal im August,
Zweimal im Oktober.
In Deutschland,
In Italien,
In New York City.
Once it is him,
The next time it is him,
The day after it is another him.
And all of them dissappear secretly.

Says the dawn, and hugs me gently (so) that I get tired again
For the next day. What can I say?

“Thank you”
For not listening

“Thank you”
For the chance to smell.
To say thank you that you asked me to marry you !

Did you ever see a frog jumping into the water….

The sea… the sea….. the big sea…………………………

Diana poses above the sea in order to hunt!
Hold on, and you will lose it!

…I would not mind if the whole world got drowned by the sea….!

Eve had no temptation and Adam ate his own rib…..
Penis and vagina had grown amongst the seaflocks,
then, the mermaid sang the hymn of the hidden cave,
somewhere by the coast….
somewhere by the coast…
From out of the ocean rose the highest mountain,
and it possessed the ocean…..but not forever–

Two apples in a bowl.
Red delicious.
On top three bananas.
Three oranges.
In between four tomatoes

One banana. one orange. one tomato.
all in one bowl.

among them.

….I would not mind
if the whole world got drowned by the sea.

….as long as Diane’s arm releases
arrows from the bow,

falling down the obelisk,
hitting…….rape yellow
…….fertile green
…………….honey violet…..

……….whilst the frogs

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