) + ( = aO _ convex plus concave equals a sphere  (International Platform for Innovation in the Arts) both-sea

In 1993 the artists ) uM_R (ursula mawson-raffalt)   and ( ajF_M (anthony j. faulder-mawson) formed an association using the logo

) + ( = a0

Their aim is to establish an International Platform for cross & interdisciplinary artforms. Both artists share the artistic direction, within the scope of his / her own field of operation. Interdisciplinary multiplicity; Originality through new viewpoints; an intrinsic determination; high levels of technical skill and innovation are the signifying parameters of their work.

Their collective aims are: to create a still place where thoughts can materialise, a resting place as an antidote to our hectic and materialistic society giving the viewer the possibility to redefine his/her own relationship with the inner and outer world and of communicating with and experiencing more than one reality

They define Art as a) “Authentic Investigation” distancing themselves from the many disturbing and superficial trends current in the “art industry” and b) as a natural, creative process which can best be understood through the perception, acceptance and experience of realities that are often unfamiliar. They encourage the viewer to open up towards a process of free decision making and to this end they create a situation for the audience wherein the focus is directed to the self critical (responsible) and not the consuming (manipulative) mind

The work of these artists is focused on an inner process best described as both “complex” and “natural”.

Having already established their individual artistic identities through many years of presenting and developing independent work during which time their struggles towards the clear differentiation of their separate artistic fields, together with the profound understanding that developed through their spiritual dialogue about Art, as well as their similar artistic approaches, led both artists to decide to work together to form a common context with the goal of layering performance, sound and visual art elements to produce a third group of works which are both “independent of and greater than the sum of their component parts”.

This is the symbolic reference defined by “convex plus concave equals a sphere” or: ) + ( = aO.

PERFORMANCE ART: The artist’s works for the stage context are entitled “chamberworks“ and the performative element in an exhibition frame as “performance_installation“

Method _ Concept _ Composition _ Text _ Staging _ Direction _ Choreography _ Dance ) uM_R. performance type: the focus is on inter and cross disciplinary work.

The concept for the SOUND_CARPET is constructed by ) + ( = aO and realised by ( ajF_M.

The word and text pictures of ) uM_R are layered with natural sound sources and music. Together these sound layers form an organic and complex unit.

Visual Art: entitled “exhibition_installation”, – site specific installation with multi-layered “textured environments“ embracing both contexts.

Method _ Concept _ Composition _ Realisation _ Visual Art-Video Light and Floor Installation ( ajF_M

Within a field of meditative silence, with a mesmeric tension a constantly changing, constantly evolving meta-physical event unfolds

in constant flux, in constant time, expressing a strong presence as an integrated Artwork which refers also to the individual process of its growth through the total reduction of form – all perceived elements fuse together transforming the space and the body into one concentrated and constantly evolving sculpture of silence

in Flux = this multifacetted process is constantly evolving……“we experiment…with constantly changing structures over long timespans covering the entire presentation period of the performance_exhibition… we are seeking….a deeper understanding of the “creative process” through respect and sensitivity for its independent force and dynamic which lie outside our (human) control…. we place the emphasis on the perception of the audience thereby fixing the attention on the work and not on the personality of the maker….

we are investigating…the idea of art as object through new methods of presentation and more significantly, through context…. reducing the audience numbers to a minimum is especially significant (nowadays) in that it addresses an urgent issue through the work: that of creating a situation and space wherein individual reflection and inner processing can take place, in which the audience once more is allowed to take on its rightful role as active (responsible) observer and “essential witness = contributing member of our society”

Interdisciplinary Platform for Innovation in the Arts – mawson – raffalt + faulder – mawson
FIELDS OF OPERATION: Innovation + Authorship + Artistic Direction + Education & Training + Production + Public Relations + Project Management & Co-ordination + Design & Multimedia Production + Administration

“With uncompromising attention to cross disciplinary endeavour as part of an integration of high art abstraction,
) + ( = aO projects are unique and powerful works of art. Combined with a very high working ethos, they “bring to bear a resonance of a mythical inheritance of Greatness from the past century into the present”. They draw their mesmerised audiences into an art environment which is larger than the sum of its parts, to experience a vision of high originality combined with in-depth quality and outstanding beauty.”

COLLABORATIVE FOCUS ) + ( = aO’s main focus lies in innovative & research based work. Based on their groundbreaking methods, they have built up, over twenty years, a highly rigorous, complex and responsive working practice in the fields of performing and visual arts. Their collaboration has created and produced over 30 international projects for theatre/exhibition and site specific contexts which have been shown in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, the UK and Romania.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY FOCUS Working as artist innovators their main focus lies in inter- and cross-disciplinary work with the emphasis on innovation. Their multi layered projects are unique creations, meditative environments for choreographic_theatrical and audiovisual installations employing a wide range of different media.

METHOD & ARTISTIC VISION Their vision operates on many levels. Their work relates specifically to the perception and organisation of time and space, the embodiment of silence and memory and the articulation of a contemplative space through movement, text, voice, spatial drawings, light, painting, video, photography, media and sound. Beside sharing the role of Founder, Artistic Director & Producer of their artist association ) + ( = a0 International Platform for Innovation in the Arts their responsibilities range from the strategic & promotional planning and coordination to multimedia production, web design and the design and layout of all their projects.

INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION Along with numerous awards, grants, international exhibitions, festival appearances and residencies, the Romanian National Theatre ART ACT magazine mentioned their collaborative work as one of the two best productions at the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu 2009.

PUBLICATION The many publications of  ) + ( = aO special program editions have led to commissioned interviews and lecture demonstrations about their working methods. In 2011 they were invited to contribute a 7000 word chapter to a new book by John Freeman entitled “The Greatest Shows on Earth: World Theatre from Peter Brook to the Sydney Olympics” published by Libri on the 25th November 2011. The chapter, “STYX”, written by Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson, is based on interviews with Ursula Mawson-Raffalt on the criteria for and the development of her working method “Focus-Point Technique” and the evolution of an early work of the same title.

ISBN 978-1-907471-54-4. www.libripublishing.co.uk/music-and-performing-arts/the-greatest-shows-on-earth?cPath

Work = Process = Art = Life

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